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Maybe you're new to Faceland, maybe you just forgot something and need a refresher or maybe you're just run of the mill stupid. In any of these cases, have no fear! The Faceland FAQ will resolve your problems, possibly!

Q: What is Faceland?
A: Faceland is a mashup RPG/Survival server. It plays like survival, but with many MMO and RPG elements thrown in too keep you entertained, and to give you something to strive for!

Q: What are the rules?
A: Just do /rules in game for a list of them, there are only a few, but they are important.

Q: Who is on the staff?
A: You can tell who is a member of the Faceland staff by the title color. Purple is Owner, red is Admin, gold is Moderator, and light blue is ChatModerator. You can check /staff for more info on what each staff member can do and help you with!

Q: What is unique about Faceland?
A: We have many custom plugins, but probably what stands out if the leveling players, monsters, and loot! As you level up, you grow stronger. As you go farther from spawn, the monsters get stronger! Stronger monsters drop better gear!

Q: Is raiding/griefing allowed?
A: Nope! Don't do it, or you'll get a stern talking to. (Or banned, possibly!)

Q: How do I ____?
A: Hold up! Many of our great features can be learned about from the ingame /help command! There are plenty of custom written pages in there! Read them all, and you're already halfway to being a Faceland expert!

Q: Where can I build?
A: Basically, anywhere! Just leave the spawn by heading off in any direction, and you're good to go! You can also warp to a random location.

Q: What are the ranks?
A: There are no real player ranks at Faceland, your 'power' is instead determined by your level! You can however unlock additional titles and title colors. Check the help page for ranks for more info about this.

Q: How do I protect my land/house?
A: You don't! Faceland is built on friendly players, and things like that aren't often a problem. If however, somebody does break something of yours, report it to a staff member, and they can easily roll back damages and punish rule-breakers in one command. Additionally, all chests lock when placed, so you needn't worry about your items.

Q: Do you need builders or more staff?
A: Nope! Not at this time! Though we'll let stand-out helpful and friendly players know if there's an opening!

Q: How do I appeal a ban or report a bug?
A: Just click the Help/Appeals tab way up above, and create a ticket! It helps our staff keep track of what's broken and who needs help!

Q: I found an item I don't understand... Help!
A: Reading through the help really will help you, friend! If the item is an Upgrade Scroll, Socket Gem, or Enchantment Tome, you use those to upgrade your items, to do this, pick up the item in your inventory, hover over the item you want to upgrade, and right-click! Check /help upgrades from more information about this.

Q: I'm ready to play! How do I get started?
A: Just log in (IP is play.faceland.info) and go! There's a short tutorial, and then, poof you're in spawn! One of our shops, the Survival Shop, has great gear for people starting out, I'd recommend checking it out. When you're done with spawn, /warp to a random location, or just walk right out of it. Welcome to Faceland!

2/24/16 -edits made by TheDeroink, and not pur3p0w3r, created out of pure salt-

Q: "Pur3p0w3r"
A: Whoa! before you start asking the owner questions, look on the forums for help, first! If it's not on here, post a question in the "Help! I have a Question!" section. Make a new thread, or post, if you have to. That's what it's there for. Alternatively, ask a moderator or admin first, because chances are, we might accidentally know the answer to your question too.

Q: "When will __________ be (fixed/back up)?"
A: When it's fixed. Sorry, but until it's done, this is the most accurate information that you can get, considering it's being worked on, possibly as we speak. So, when it's done, that's when it'll be back up.

Q: "Why won't _____ work?!"
A: Because it might be broken. See above.

Q: "(thing) needs to be changed so it's more balanced."
A: Post it in the suggestion forums, and back it up with solid reasoning. I don't personally know about the other staff members, but I (TheDeroink) think that if you say that something is unbalanced or unfair, without backing it up with solid reasoning that isn't "I don't like it this way so it's bad" automatically gets discarded from discussion by me.

Q: "How do you do the [item] thing?"
A: {hand} or {item}

Q: "What does __________ do?"
A: navigate the /help command and it'll probably tell you.

Q: "Why is DonutLand so cool?"
A: He was blessed by the memes.

Q: "I have a suggestion!"
A: Great! We love those!

- End of Deroink edits -

Q: Can I marry quester?
A: No.

But please read the other suggestions before posting, so it reduces clutter, and is easier to read all of them. Seriously.
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