Westhaven Easter Fair
Westhaven welcomes all Facelings to join us in celebrating Easter and have a good time.

What's happening?
Westhaven will be holding events, mini games, rides and other distractions just for the fun of it (pur3 threatened to burn the town to the ground if we charged admission or tried to sucker you out of your hard earned bits!).

Where is Westhaven?
Its in the west (obviously) at coordinates x:-6100 , z: 520.
Do /map ingame to get a link to Faceland's livemap which allows you to see the overworld map and help you navigate around Westhaven.

If you're really nice and ask politely, we can teleport you to the Easter Fair!

Where's it being held?
We have constructed a fairgrounds east of the town for activities and to hang out. Look for the big pink bunny on the livemap!

When's it happening?
Events will kick off Friday (Australian time-zone) and will continue through Tuesday (Australian time-zone). We cant give you specific times as it really comes down to whose on and how many town members can assist...but we will try our best to make things fun!

What activities are being offered?
  • Bunny Boiler Rollercoaster (hours of pointless looping fun...BYO cart!)
  • Mini games and parkour challenge
  • Egg Hunts
  • Guessing Games
  • Market Stalls to sell your items
  • Boat Rapids Racing
  • Prize Giveaways
  • Bunny Cuddle Pen
  • Music, dancing and free booze (whilst stocks last)
  • Plus whatever else we can think of on the day!

Who can I talk to about the Easter Fair?
TheCommander (town owner)

Can I trade my stuff at the Market Stalls?
Yes, assuming a free stall is available, simply insert a single chest into the space provided at the front of the stall and sell away. We do ask that players do not hog stalls if they have nothing useful to sell or have run out of items...remember, stalls are for quick trading, rather than permanent shops. Any chests remaining after the conclusion of the fair will be moved to a holding area for collection.

Also, whilst its tempting to sell your uncommon items for a quick bit, we suggest you offer items that are rare and in-demand for greater profit.

Can I visit the rest of Westhaven?
We welcome players to explore all of Westhaven and its surrounding towns of Port Satyr & Baladon. The Egg Hunts will require you to explore Westhaven anyway!

If you are itching for a fight, we also suggest you check out the Baladon Mob Pit just east of the fairgrounds. This level 60 mob pit is inspired by the Hall of Terror and offers a good grinding for more experienced players.

As Westhaven is also the home of many players, we ask you observe the following at all times:
  • No griefing (obviously this applies to the whole server!)
  • No stealing from item frames (yes, its griefing)
  • No building of any kind of structure, fixture or warps in or near Westhaven (you wouldn't like someone building a house or warp in the middle of your own base!)
  • Stay out of other players homes as they are private property
  • Don't kill sheep or rabbits as they are not spawner generated
  • Only kill animals on farms marked as 'spawner farms'
  • If uncertain, first talk to TheCommander or town official (a list of official names can be found in the Town Marshal...look for the building with a yellow roof flag on the livemap)

What's there to see and do in Westhaven?
Westhaven is a very large and continuously growing town...so here is just a few of the things to see:
  • Blacksmith (sells weapons)
  • Armory (sells armor)
  • Magic Shops (sells wands, gems, tomes) - (some items may not be for sale as this is also the personal collection of TheCommander)
  • 2 Inns & a brewery
  • The Custodian Guard Guild Hall
  • Westhaven Harbor and Port Satyr (good for fishing off our ships or piers)
  • The Farmland District - help yourself to free vegetables and spawner farms
  • Many hidden jokes and secret areas
  • Roof-top parkour - even though the town has not been designed specifically for this, many visitors take joy in jumping across our town like a thief in the night!

Can I live in Westhaven?
To become a Westhaven resident you must be atleast level 18 and have a good reputation on the server (basically annoying, rude and rule breaking players wont be permitted). TheCommander MUST approve all residents prior to living in the town. Once you have approval, you can reside in any home that is posted with an 'AVAILABLE HOME' sign over the door.

We also offer shop space and market stalls if you are interested in establishing a trading presence in our town (what you sell and for how much is up to you).

We hope to see you all during the Easter Weekend.