Westhaven & the Westlands (News and Developments)

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Westhaven & the Westlands


Hello Fellow Facelings,

For those that do not know me, I am the owner and builder of the town of Westhaven and (more recently) leading a larger project to develop the surrounding areas of the town known as the 'Westlands'.

What started as a small goal of building a small town on the Faceland server, has since evolved into a fantastic and friendly experience involving the contribution, assistance and company of many players to transform a sizable portion of the server’s western map into a region with meaning, lore and exploration opportunities.

What’s the purpose of this thread?
This thread has been created to familiarise players with our vision, explain the ground rules and keep players posted on news, developments and ideas for Westhaven and it’s surrounding lands.

Westhaven – Small Beginnings, Big Visions
The town of Westhaven started off as the simple base of TheCommander and PowerPrincess. From its inception, the town has been built on the principle of ‘paying it forward’ and helping new players as much as possible. Homes and shops have always been free and we continue to open our arms to all players showing a friendly spirit and genuine support for Faceland.

Westhaven itself is a gift to the Faceland community offering an interesting location for staff, veterans and new players alike to have fun, kill mobs, celebrate special occasions, and just hang around and have a good laugh.

The first structure (‘Ye Old Homestead) was erected in October 2016 triggering a small community that continues to provide homes and shops to players and opportunities to explore the server’s beautiful custom map.

Running a large town like Westhaven requires specific ground rules to be observed at all times. Most of these rules have come about because of incidents and a need to ensure the Westlands project proceeds with minimal issues (and TheCommander is not spending all his time online solving problems).

  1. Players must follow both the server’s and our town rules (below) at all times. This includes following the instructions of mayors and town officials. Remember, you’re a guest in our lands and we ask you respect our wishes.
  2. Players must be over level 18 to be considered for residency in Westhaven….and even then, TheCommander reserves the right to refuse admittance.
  3. Unless posted with an 'Available' sign, players are not allowed to reside in any structure including those in the surrounding Westlands unless approved by TheCommander.
  4. No griefing. This includes terraforming nearby terrain, modifying existing building designs or chopping down trees and natural decorations (i.e. flowers). We especially ask that players protect the custom trees which can no longer be generated or regrown on the server.
  5. Only TheCommander and sanctioned builders can add, modify and remove structures within Westhaven and the Westlands. This ensure that buildings conform to specific standards and common regional theme.
  6. Residents are welcome to decorate the interiors of their homes and shops as they please, but must not modify the exterior, walls, doors, windows or floors. This is especially important in preventing damage to adjacent player properties and maintaining the medieval theme of the region.
  7. Players can use available shop space in the town (subject to rule 2) to sell what ever they like. The only condition is that you actually use the space and provide an interior. In other words, don’t hog space if you don’t plan on using it.
  8. Offensive and racist signs and symbols are not allowed to be displayed at any time. Such objects will be immediately removed by town officials.
  9. Players who are inactive for longer than 3 months run the risk of eviction if there is a shortage in available properties. If you are evicted, all your valuables will be moved into long-term storage located at Westhaven Harbor (aka The Warehouse of Lost Souls).
  10. Town officials also reserve the right to evict players who break server rules, harass other residents or just refuse to ‘play nice’.
  11. If you do choose to leave Westhaven and move on to bigger and better things, we ask you vacate your property (including any player warps) and place an ‘Available’ sign back on the property entrance.
  12. If you require meat, feathers or leather, ensure you only slaughter animals on farms clearly designated with a ‘spawner farm’ sign at their entrance. This ensures that the region retains its wildlife and natural beauty. We also ask that sheep are NEVER killed, and only sheared for their wool as Faceland does not currently provide sheep spawners.
  13. Remember to have fun and help yourself to any open chests, free food, and join events we host.

Town Officials
If you have any questions, concerns or need some assistance whilst in Westhaven, Westlands or any sister cities, you can contact the below players if they are online or via Discord.

The official guild of the Westlands is the Custodian Guard

  • TheCommander – Mayor of Westhaven, Guild-Master and Westlands administrator.
  • Marrow_Lich – Guild Official and Westhaven Official
  • GlephixTheSatyr – Guild Official and Westhaven Official
  • PowerPrincess - Guild Official and Westhaven Official
  • RoseAiyoku – Westhaven Official and sanctioned interior decorator
  • ccgreen - Sanctioned interior decorator
  • Zen (aka ZenithTheDuck) – Moderator and Town Sheriff
  • Kimi (aka C_Kimi, KimiCryo) - Moderator and Town Sheriff
  • Violet - Server Admin and Town Sheriff

Westlands and Sister Towns
The Westlands are the surrounding lands around Westhaven. As Westhaven has grown in size, so has the vision to transform neighboring lands into interesting locations to explore and (hopefully some day) complete quests.

In addition, the Westlands connect several player run ‘sister towns' that seek to influence the lore of the region and provide interesting experiences for eager travelers and explorers. These towns are connected by major roads that allow players to easily traverse difficult terrain and offer (somewhat) safe spots during the nights (of course you could just warp to them...but where’s the roleplay fun in that!)

The Westlands also include a sizeable portion of reserved land that has been claimed for the growing needs of Westhaven along with other project ideas at various stages of planning and development. A temporary large wall has been erected around these lands as a means of claiming and preserving terrain, pre-generated structures and specific biome features. We ask players to respect this boundary line and help maintain its integrity.

Sister Towns (or landmarks within the Westlands (Owner IGNs)
  • Solar Peaks - Owned by Kernie (Custodian Guard Guild Officer)
  • The Grove - Owned by Catalclyst
  • Cerulean Keep - Owned by NebelVanDushmer (The Cerulean Knights Guild Master)

What's in Westhaven?
Below is a small sample of things you will find in Westhaven:
  • Blacksmith (sells weapons)
  • Armory (sells armor)
  • Magic Emporium (sells wands, gems, tomes)
  • Westhaven Merchant Bank - contains an NPC with similar functionality to the bank at spawn
  • Baladon Mines Mob Pit - level 60 mob arena for grinding
  • 2 Ballrooms for celebrations and events
  • Westhaven Fairgrounds - A large open space for larger community events
  • 4 taverns & Westhaven Brewery - did we mention Westhaven has an alcoholic problem!
  • Custodian Guard Guild Hall - browse our collection of items named after Westhaven and its officials
  • Westhaven Harbor and Port Satyr - excellent finishing spots (and breading areas of the Westhaven Nudibranch)
  • The Farmland District - help yourself to free vegetables and spawner farms
  • The Sewers - a labyrinth of water passages filled with mobs and only illuminated by redstone torches
  • Sail Ships - Westhaven Harbor and Port Satyr are also home to our growing fleet of sailing ships (which are also good fishing spots)
  • Bramblewood Road - A scenic road that connects Westhaven to The Grove and beyond
  • The Lonely Road - A desert and mountain passage road connecting Westhaven to Solar Peaks and beyond
  • Player Stores - Feel free to enter and browse all of our town stores. Most are owned by players and offer many chests filled with loot, unique weapons/armor and other hard to find items.
  • Many hidden jokes and secret locations
  • Roof-top parkour - even though the town has not been designed specifically for this, many visitors take joy in jumping across our town like a thief in the night!

Please note that some stores contain personal items of TheCommander and may not necessarily be for sale.

Whats Planned?
As time progresses, we will continue to post updates on this thread and consider suggestions and ideas Faceland players might have on how to improve the Westlands. We also plan on announcing events and new sister towns in this thread. We hope you enjoy your time in the Westlands and remember to continue paying the kindness forward.
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Westhaven Sunset

Town Square Market Stalls

Tranquility by the river oaks

Harbor View

By the watermill


Beergarden & Tavern

Sleepy Westhaven

Bazaar Quarter

Westhaven Merchant Bank

Westhaven Drawbridge & Lighthouse

Westhaven Grand Pier

Port Satyr

Custodian Guard Guild Hall

Viogon Alley


Golden Wheat Fields & Silos

The Windmill

Baladon Mines Mob Pit
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noice. should have ambient occlusion enabled tho.
Posted Sep 3, 17
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Just a quick update....

As most of you are aware via Discord chat, the Australian lag issue has really put a temporary halt to projects. Once the issue is resolved, I will be kicking things back into gear.

Any attempts to try building right now result in disconnects and constant rollbacks.
Posted Sep 4, 17 · OP
Feel free to include the Cerulean Keep as part of the Westlands, we're only 2200meters east and will soon be adding a road towards Westhaven if that's ok with you. The Keep is owned by The Cerulean Knights with only guildies currently living in it. It too is a bit of a WIP but it's coming along. The wall is structurally complete (I'm adding detail to it lately to keep it from being JUST a boring old wall) and there's only a few more things to toss up really before the gates are constructed and the road between it and other places are built.
Posted Sep 5, 17
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My pleasure....I'll continue the road further down to the Cerulean Keep (which actually was part of the original plan).

Assuming my ping improves tonight, I'll be wrapping up work on the road between Baladon and The Grove (still a small segment missing in the middle)
Posted Sep 5, 17 · OP
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Update 6 Sep 2017

The road between Baladon and The Grove has been completed allowing players to now walk the scenic route from Westhaven to The Grove.

Focus has now shifted to working on the new 'hobbit' village just north-west of The Grove. A major part of this project is the construction of a new river system (can't have a hobbit village without a river next to it!).

Upon studying the livemap, I am also contemplating expanding the river system to run through other areas of the map and act as a kind of natural border into the Westlands. Of particular interest is that collection of mountains north-east screaming out for a Dwarven settlement!

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Update 7 Sep 2017

Ruined Watchpost
Another small structure completed deep in the woods of the Westlands. This time its a ruined watchpost. You will need to lock around to spot this one on the map ;-)

Not sure if this structure will become part of something larger. Open to any suggestions for potential name and background story for the site.


The Hunter Ledge
The Hunters Lodge is another structure that has been completed. The lodge is located on Bramblewood Road and offers safety for night travelers in a comfy interior designed by our official interior decorator RoseAiyoku

Of note is Rose's great idea for a bear-rug :)


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Update 8 Sep 2017

Spent the night planning the layout and style of the yet to be named 'hobbit' town. I am trying to create a warm 'homely' feel to the village with lots of plants, greenery and dirt paths leading to different areas. The style of buildings will vary between hobbit holes and small buildings.

Posted Sep 8, 17 · OP
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Update 10 Sep 2017

Well its been another busy weekend of non-stop building at the hobbit village. Things are progressing quite well and the town village is taking on a unique feeling of a settlement at one with nature. I apologize in advance for the rainy screenshots...but it does add dramatic effect :)

Windmill and Grain Farm
No village would be complete without a windmill and staple supply of grain to feed and intoxicate its population!

Apple Orchards
I thought I would try my hand at something a little different and build an apple orchard farm opposite the windmill. After some playing around with fences and leaves, I settled on a design that looked like an orchard tree and had sufficient space for apple (heads). The final result was very nice and the orchard farm contrasts the wheat field nearby nicely.

Ticklewood Residence
The Ticklewoods are the owners of the apple orchard farm and a somewhat rich family within the village. Decorating this residency was quite fun and I love how the mix of colors and shapes collide together.

Fisherman's Shack
The fisherman's shack is the last structure for this week and still requires some further detailing.
Posted Sep 10, 17 · OP
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