So here's the plan:
Racetracks aren't getting finished. Sorry.
Instead of the grande finale of racing your way through each of the 4 racetracks to earn a medal to be able to participate in the next race to ultimately race in a championship race, I'm probably just gonna host 1 race within the next 2 weeks hopefully(9/29) for whatever the (grande prize) I had in mind was.
400,000 bits | 250 Facecoins | Nether Star | +7 Fancy Wings | +7 Vampiric Robe | 4x Socket Extenders | Storm of Sorrow | 1x Ultimate Scroll | 15x Ancient Scroll | 64x Arcane Scroll | 50x Stat Reveal Powder | 1x Irreg Helm | Milk and Cookies
300,000 bits | 100 Facecoins | 64x Vote Keys | 1x Item Rename Tag | 3x Name Tags | 11x Shulker Shells | 2x Socket Extender | 1x Mushroom_cow Spawner | 1x Grand Scroll | 40x Awakened Scroll | 64x Empowered Scroll | 1x Irreg Helm
200,000 bits | 100 Facecoins | 2x +6 Icepick of Skadi | 1x +6 Will of the Forest | 1x +3 Honor of a Knight | 1x Socket Extender | 2x Cow Spawner | 1x Standardest Scroll | 25x Arcane Scroll | 64x Lesser Scroll | 1x Irreg boots
150,000 bits | 34x Vote Keys | 34x Login Keys | 1x Lich's Femur | 1x Socket Extender | 2x Pig Spawner | 64x Empowered Scroll | 17x Diamonds
115,000 bits | 64x Slime Block | 1x Socket Extender | 2x ID Tomes | 2x Chicken Spawner | 32x Empowered Scroll | 64x Coal Block

Prizes are subject to change. If anything more items may be added or switched around.

So I hope you've been randomly practicing the intermediate racetrack for no reason this whole time. 5 people will get the chance to race for these prizes. If more than 5 people enter, we will have solo races at the beginner track and the 5 best times will get to race.

Unique Faceland Items List
Gonna hand the email for this off to someoneDue to certain circumstances, i cant give the email to anyone, so post if you want permission or message me on here/discord ("Yeh" the name) to be able to edit the list. Otherwise it's just gonna sit there and slowly get outdated. I also don't mind showing someone how to edit it the way I have if that ends up holding anyone back.